Thursday, August 13, 2009


Dear all ISB aspirants for the Class of 2011 !

With around 32 days left in deadline for the submission of first round of ISB Application, we suggest all of you to get the act together and put in dedicated efforts towards bringing out the "real" you through your application

A simple methodology is Plan-Do-Check-Act that helps you remain on track to be able to do justice to your ISB Application.

Remember the following points
1. PLAN: you need to do planning at regular intervals, say for each week have a planned target. You can be more granular like plan for every 3 days output etc. depending on your workload and preparation level
2. DO: Most important is steps that you actually take daily to meet the plans. Buy sticky notes, have desktop notes applications remind you.
3. CHECK: Keep a check on your progress with regular frequency, adjust your direction if needed to re-align with goals. You can announce your goals to friends and family every day to help them remind you etc. and that might help you keep a check!
4. ACT: Act on the gaps you found to mitigate them, find out new an innovative ways to keep your motivation levels high while working towards your application each day!

Best of luck for your ISB Application !

PS : What's been keeping us busy?

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