Saturday, September 5, 2009

Spelling and Grammar check Tools!

With the fast approaching 15th September deadline for ISB Round 1 applications, we at have been extremely busy guiding a huge number of aspirants. We observed that due to a multitude of reasons, many instances were found where spelling or grammar mistakes passed unnoticed by the aspirant's eye in his/her application drafts. Our team thus prepared a good list of online grammar and spelling check tools available on the internet that aspirants can use to their rescue:

Note: Do not rely on MS-Word Spelling and Grammar check [Shortcut: Pressing F7 Key] only

(Read more about it here:


Tools on the internet:

  1. lets you copy and paste text into an online tool to quickly identify spelling and grammar errors. An online thesaurus is also available for your convenience.


  2. Language Tool free open source grammar checker to identify the most common grammatical mistakes in text. (Exact Link: )

    Language errors in English are recognized but this does not contain a spell checking program.

  3. Uses a taskbar and integrated search to help identify errors in a document and suggest corrected text. You can download a free 21 day trial of this program.

  4. AbiWord is a free open source word processing program that includes a grammar checker. It is supported on all of the most common operating systems, including Linux, Mac OS X (PowerPC), and Microsoft Windows. The interface is similar to Microsoft Word, making this program very easy to use.